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Do-Over OG

4.7| 1 Reviews

What is Do-Over OG?

Do-Over OG is an indica-dominant strain that combines OG Kush, Hindu Kush, Skywalker OG, and Wellness OG into one powerful hybrid. Bred in Los Angeles, Do-Over OG is appreciated for its potent euphoric effects and creative influence. The mind-expanding effects are brought on by a sweet blend of sweetearthy flavors that intertwine with the sharp pine notes indicative of its OG Kush heritage. Do-Over OG is specially cultivated by Neighborhood Farms to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Do-Over event series in Los Angeles and beyond.

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“My favorite strain yet. The euphoric effects have been the best for combating my depression and anxiety. Highly recommended if you suffer from either of those things. Also, this strain does not give me the fog that I normally experience from strains with OG Kush as part of the lineage, so working creatively on this bud is also a pleasure.”


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