Dogwalker OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Dogwalker is my "go to" strain for all my medical needs & believe me I have a few & DW cures them all!! It's very pungent, fuely aroma makes it easy to know you've got the real McCoy. It's always very high in THC % and has a phenomenal taste when done all organic. And I have to say I did some digging on the breeder of this strain & it was created in my hometown of Portland,Or and by one of the best growers in the PNW...”

  • “The loudest medicine I've smelt... A triple bagger.... Anyways, the looks are not too impressive but the outragious smell-almost similar to a wet dog, and pungency to the extreme.. Not a discussing smell, but for a non-medicator the smell might be overwhelming.”

  • “Great flavor, enjoyable high. Found the effects to be potent but not overpowering, with a pretty strong head high to start that mellows out into a high-functioning, creative and clear headed finish. One of the strains that works how I need it, providing good relief from pain and anxiety while allowing me to either focus on work or relax at the end of a long day.”

  • “Whoa. really kushy chemdaw shines through and the Alberto hits you full on good for pain sci injury and inflammation and stress anxiety .G Warfield got from urban roots Seattle co op in university district”

  • “Dog Walker OG is a very strong and potent hybrid. It posses the earthy, taste of original OG, with a twist of sweet and sour at the same time. The is a smooth smoke, with the after tone to be sweet, not leaving your with the dry mouth, or cannabis infused breath. The effects are high in focus, and energy. You will be sure to enjoy this strain.”

  • “So I'll be totally honest, I'm completely new to the recreational marijuana scene. But this has one quite the kick. I have a laundry list of problems like anxiety, tremors and whatnot. All gone. I don't think I've ever had a medicine be an "all in one", so having something like this is awesome. No BS prescriptions. 5* easy.”

  • “I'm giving this strain a fat five. This might be my new favorite strand. I feel totally relaxed but uplifted at the same time. The nuggys look fluffy with little orange hairs.”

  • “Nice tight, well-trimmed buds. Color tends toward a lighter green, pleasing to the eye. As other reviewers have noted, Dogwalker has a woodsier, earthier smell. Taste more or less matches the smell, although I should say it burns and smokes quite smoothly and enjoyably. I have a high tolerance and found the buzz relatively mellow in terms of cerebral activity. The feeling in the body is nice - pleasantly calm and rel...”