Don Shula Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I walked into The Kind Room on South Broadway to purchase some Durban Poison, my favorite strain. The Kind Room is constantly in stock of really dank Durban Poison and for my luck they were out. The budtender recommended Don Shula and even said that it had allowed him to lay off dabs. I've been smoking on this strain for a week now and it definitely has become one of my favorite strains.”

  • “Just bought an 1/8 at the dispensary. The budtender said it was 32% thc, Best stuff they had in the building. Very nice uplifting and Stoney high with no couchlock. This stuff is amazing”

  • “Trimming this strain was enjoyable, great look and smell 👍🏻”

  • “Best coach ever. Go Dolphins!”