Donegal Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “very helpful with anger issues as well as depression. not very good for sleep though. the smell and taste are much better after you bust it up.”

  • “I really enjoyed this strain.”

  • “New to medicinal cannabis, I've been trying to find a strain to help me titrate down from the large amount of meds that I have to take in order to fall asleep each night. Last night I started my evening with vaping strains (CBD) that would help me mellow out. I ended my evening with vaping Tweed's Donegal. It was recommended to me by a Tweed Customer Care Rep because of its long lasting effects. Donegal is smelly!...”

  • “First legal joint in Canada! Would be good for socializing or just hanging out on the couch. Quite potent and smooth.”

  • “I found this strain made me energized, happy and giggly. The taste is a bit powerful but I didn't dislike it. I got a bit of a headache after smoking it for a while.”

  • “Strong sativa effects which created a very pleasant head high. Definitely a strain I would buy again.”

  • “Really loving this strain. Picked up an 1/8th of it on 10/17 at Tweed and probably overdid it a bit on my first go around but it never got me paranoid or anxious. You know the feeling just before the anxiety and paranoia of a heavy THC strain kicks in? It mostly lingered there for me. Felt very relaxed but not couch locked, very insightful and thoughtful, a bit talkative if you ask my wife. She was trying to watch a ...”

  • “reminded me too much of Ireland”