Donegal Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “New to medicinal cannabis, I've been trying to find a strain to help me titrate down from the large amount of meds that I have to take in order to fall asleep each night. Last night I started my evening with vaping strains (CBD) that would help me mellow out. I ended my evening with vaping Tweed's Donegal. It was recommended to me by a Tweed Customer Care Rep because of its long lasting effects. Donegal is smelly!...”

  • “Picked this up on 1017, as it was the only Sativa they had in stock, but was surprised with the great energetic vibe that doesn't overwhelm. Awesome fruity after taste from vaping. Would recommend.”

  • “very helpful with anger issues as well as depression. not very good for sleep though. the smell and taste are much better after you bust it up.”

  • “This strain is great. Got so much done. Also it did not give me dry mouth.”

  • “I really enjoyed this strain.”

  • “Very energetic, but relaxing at the same time.”

  • “Donegal has very small light green buds that look like they could come from the shores of Ireland. This is definitely a Sativa leaning hybrid and would I only use in the daytime. I got a good hit of an uplifting euphoria that lasted a good while and started getting very chatty in short order. I believe this would be great for party. After a couple of hours I became very relaxed in both mind and body. The smell is ...”

  • “I got an 1/8 of this from a licensed store a little while ago. Apparently it was their best seller but I am not stoked. Had trouble keeping my joint lit and smell/taste kind of bland.”