Donna OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This bud is very relaxing and should be used as a pain reliever. It will put you to sleep so be advised during day time use. It is very potent and high in Thc. I would definitely recommend.”

  • “Eric Foremans favorite strain :)”

  • “Some of the best og I've ever smoked. Looks amazing,great color!”

  • “This strain is Like sitting on the beach and the waves are hitting you one at a time! At first you don't feel anything but slowly it kicks in. First you start to get energy then the body starts to tingle a bit, hold on... The mind starts to speed up and focus on what you are doing, then your body starts to feel no pain, gets heavy, and euphoria kicks in...this will repeat over and over a few times. And just when you ...”

  • “Some of the best og I've ever had. looks amazing and smells like a very sweet, clean smelling og. A true Connoisseurs cut.”

  • “Ooooh Donna og with your sweet dankness I would smoke you all day but with your heavy high I'd be so unproductive I'll keep u around for special occasions”

  • “Easily some of the best bud I've ever smoked. I'll tell you now, I can see why its so popular here in Phoenix. I've already bought an 8th of it twice this week. Definitely reccomend getting some if you have not tried Donna!”

  • “I rave about this tasty goodness to all my friends and its worth the drive from the east valley for this and the vapor oil.”