Dopium Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “🌲🍋 Dopium is an inappropriately named hybrid that doesn't quite live up to it's name. It seems like it would be a heavily sedating medication yet my experience with this strain is that is isn't very strong at all. ChemDawg or Sour Diesel will bring you all the effects of Dopium and many more. I don't particularly care for this strain, but that being said it is great for beginners! It tastes piney and earthy but not...”

  • “AAAmazing strain for alot of purposes helps alot with my migranes and keeps me alert and focused as well as just down right medicated! Enjoy sensibly.”

  • “It's pretty great, this shit is fire.”

  • “Diesel smell is pungent with with a hint of pine and once broken up there is a sweetness to it. Amazing for pain and stress with a great euphoric, relaxing, talkative high. Uplifting and relaxing for anyone who has had a stressful day and is looking to let the stress go. Very helpful with body aches and insomnia if you have problems sleeping.”

  • “great strain! picked some up from denver relief a few days ago. nice taste, very potent, and the nugs are huge!”

  • “Pain Relief. Try it, love it.”

  • “I really like this strain. It kinda took me by surprise . A-”

  • “What a beautiful strain!! I cannot wait to get my hands on more! It helped ease my pains very fast. It was very potent so I did not have to smoke as much as unusually would. Smells, looks & tastes great. Overall smooth and amazing!”