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Double Barrel OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “i actually first tried this with my dad and a guy nick named double barrell darrel haha but yea just figured id throw that in there.”

  • “This stuff is crazy, your gonna need a pencil or an excel spreadsheet. It'll make you jump right into your work or whatever you need to focus on. I know Kush can be hard to grow, but the batch I had from A Green Cure Wellness Center was full of seeds.”

  • “it definitely kept me awake and focused while I was working”

  • “Overwhelmingly strong and sedating with little head high or focus. Would not consider a "functional buzz" as in getting things done, but could see it allowing someone pain relief to be functional enough to be productive. Taste was nothing to note, but smelled of citrus and aside from being smooth lacked characteristics of most OG's. Flower was a darker green, very dense so harder to smoke in joint, but not impossible...”