Double Tangie Banana Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I've got to say I'm writing this review blazed and whatever puns I make in the future, girl I do not apologize for. This strain not only gives me a euphoric high, but damn dude am I like soaring. you know what's odd though, I get the munchies right, and every time I light the bowl, the smoke smells like papa Murphys pizza. My girl tells me right now, as I relay my review to her for laughs to make me feel appreciate...”

  • “First of all Double Tangie Banana is Tangie x Banana OG backcrossed to the Tangie. Do not mistake it with Banana Split which is Tangie x Banana Sherbert. There is a lot of misinformation out there. That being said this strain is straight Fire. So terpy it tastes like citrus and creamy banana. It is super resinous with big fat trichome heads which makes extraction so effortless. Concentrates from this strain ar...”

  • “The look of the bud is covered in crystals at every crook and alley. The smell is exceptionally pungent of citrus, but you can easily detect banana and the pheno I had also exuded a dankness to it, very raw..... The flavour of the extract I mixed was overwhelmed by the small amount of Banangie flower I added to it. I recall dabbing and feeling a deep relaxation hit me and then a small amount of regain after 7 minut...”

  • “This strain hit the head within the first few minutes after dabbing. Slightly tingly and dizzy, but that passed petty quickly. About a half hour later, the sativa kicked in with better focus. It helped with fatigue and nausea quite a bit, and was very uplifting. Nice daytime strain.”

  • “Banana Split- wonderful smell. Like bubble gum, banana ice cream, fruity and sweet. Clean, clear high. Energetic and uplifted. New favorite sativa.”

  • “Great sativa the flavor is phenomenal and the buds are coated in crystals definitely one of my favorites”

  • “This virtually wiped out my daily nausea and got me hungry. I loved starting the day with this strain so I can eat earlier then mid afternoon. My batch didn't have a strong citrus flavor or scent, but was dense and flavorful.”

  • “Better than average but not top shelf, needs Diesel. I dig citrusy weed and the tangerine shines clear. Frosty, plump you can smell both Tangie & Banana. Rolls nice, smokes great her flavor is good. My buzz was just okay. Tilted slight Indica but not hardcore, GSD, happy, old school stoned feeling that would make a wicked sift.”