Dragon OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Took one hit from a pre roll and my face felt numb! It was the best.”

  • “A very happy high. While not a debilitating effect it still comes across as a very relaxing euphoria. This is a great morning time strain to go along with a nice cup of joe.”

  • “Great, euphoric headiness with a relaxed but aware body high. Really nice stuff”

  • “Good stuff smooth relaxing feel good buzz”

  • “If you're a fan of the OG line, then Red Dragon Kush aka "Dragon OG" is like a great glass of fine Cognac. A phenomenal strain for the true Cannabis Aficionado who enjoys the overall experience of the senses. It has a pleasant aroma and a very rich flavor profile, with a mellow and yet energetic buzz. This has become one of my favorites of the OG strain line, right up there with Deadhead OG and Burmese Kush, except D...”

  • “works great for pain and nerves.”

  • “I picked up some of this for my girlfriend and I to try. I have smoked some both from a bowl and using my Pax 2... Have to say the bowl definitely laid me out. The Pax 2 at medium heat gave a really good clean high. Super heady and I think both of us got going a bit.”

  • “Fuely! The sample I had was reminiscent of the early diesel strains. Disgustingly tasteful and a great head on it!”