Dragon's Breath Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Dragon's Breath lives up to its name. Very thin buds with lots of orange/yellow hairs that follow the shape/outline of the bud. Maybe it was the trim job or maybe they name originates from the resemblance between the hairs and actual fire. Overall, an incredible sense of well being and mental calmness washes over after just a few hits. While it still remains very potently a sativa, the energy delivered was not overwh...”

  • “Toasted :P Lol amazing strain <3 GREEEEEAAAAAAAT for cartoons and chilling with a homie :) pretty rare in my opinion. A must try if you happen to come by it :) completely worth it :)”

  • “Had this bud and was pleased to stay it is best i've had in a long time. Nice relaxed head high that will let you be productive.”

  • “Hard smile face”

  • “BROOO Okay, my friend and I smoked this in my car, we smoked three bowls but the third one took us an hour because we couldn't stop tripping our tits off, 10/10”

  • “San Francisco Cannabis Cup Winner!!!! a nice tasty blend of Jack Herer (50%), northern lights (37.5%) and Skunk Sativa (12.5%). Known for it's clear headed and effective properties. Literally picked this up on a trip to LA on 4/20 of this year... still have 2 big nugs left :) very hard to come by, super rare. 10/10”

  • “I'm high on it right now, really good high,no dizziness or headaches, good taste, slightly thinner smoke, best strain I've had”

  • “This strain is something! The nugs are coated in Trichomes and have a very distinct skunk smell that comes from the nugs! The high from this is amazing everything goes by in like a frame by frame type of visual, and time goes by pretty slow other then that the high is a total wreck!”