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Dreadlock Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “After depleting my Purple Kush supply, my guy got me this strain. He said it was called that because the buds had mini-dreads in them. Sorta. After the first puff, my throat got very dry and tight , which was odd considering the buds were fresh and a bit on the moist side. No gradual take off here...this stone hits hard without warning. Within what felt like 10 seconds, my plastic summer chair felt like a lazy-b...”

  • “this train is highly potent and always relaxing to the smoker.dreadlock has very high highs and a very smooth come down. this strain personally made me eat like an animal but I'm trying to gain weight which is probably another good plus about weed for smokers like me. all in all smoke this if you want to relax eat and have a good time”

  • “discovered dreadlocks last night and it is nothing like the filthy dried and unwashed hair if the rasta culture. These beautiful large dense nugs explode with sticky frosted orange hairs as you crack them apart for closer look. the smell is sweet and piney with a hint of diesel, however, the smoke leaves no taste of sweetness instead combining an earthy, piney, tobacco and diesel type taste that from a bong hits re...”