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Dream Police Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smooth Bud, I get a Citrus/Eucalyptus taste and even a slight coffee after taste. Tight evergreen bud structure. Happy, Relaxing Times with this strain.”

  • “This one took a little bit of time to kick in, but once it did- amazing relief. Relieved muscle spasms and tension within minutes. Stress settled and even the inflammation in my joints seemed to have settled a bit. Light/moderate pain relief, with a nice boost of energy and creativity surge. Great daytime strain for all around relief!”

  • “I find it very close to looking and the effects of it to be just like AK47. The buds are tight and have an earthy citrus sweet smell. The buds have Lots of orange hairs and one bowl helped with my nerve pain and stress. It's a definite buy again for a switch up but not in my top 3 meds.”

  • “I think it's a great strain. It's a great 50/50 hybrid experience. I started cleaning and became motivated. It seems to help with depression. Made me laugh harder than I have in a while...the only down fall is that it makes you wanna eat...kinda like antidepressants do...but other wise it's awesome.”