Dream Queen Reviews

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  • “This is my first review so bear with me; I'll try to be thorough. From my understanding, Dream Queen is a cross between Blue Dream and Space Queen. Never had SQ but BD is my all-time favorite strain. Dream Queen is the 1st place runner up!! Treatment: Nausea, Muscle Spasms, Pain, Depression, ADD, ADHD Pros: Euphoria, Enhanced Creativity, Improved Concentration, No Headache, Fragrant. Cons: Not always available. ...”

  • “this is making me want to make a list of fun and easy things to do if you are home alone. the only problem is my hands can't type on my phone that good right now so I have to voice text the list. The first thing is put makeup on and put music on in the background and it feels like you're living in the time that the song is playing. I know this probably doesn't make much sense to you reading this but it totally does t...”

  • “A beautiful child has been born of Space Queen and Blue Dream. Enjoyed in an O. Pen vape concentrate and liking equally to flower consumtion method. Verrry spacey unfocused fun with dreamy floaty starborn effects. Anxiety Blaster! Pain Zapper!...Rest Assured Munchy Magic...kick back and watch the passing parade...Peace✌ Jah ❤”

  • “I have to say this has been one of my favorite strains so far. The other reviews I saw were pretty accurate. This helped immensely with depression, stress, and replaced that nonsense with a clear, focused, happy high. I enjoyed music a lot more, I wanted to spend more time hugging my pets. Could probably sleep if I needed to -- but this by itself made me want to just enjoy spending time with my wife and experi...”

  • “🍍..O.Pen Reserve 420 Vape: Makes me feel like a SPACE QUEEN🚀..Luv the Brain massage, dig the Body melt..0 Pain or Stress now!..Etherical, Euohoric..🎵"Grooovinnn' on a Sunday afternoon, Feeelinn' like "🎶..Kickin' Back & watchin' the Passing Parade of Life..No PTSD with this girl!..& PAIN?..what Pain! FATIGUE?..I have Tons of Physical & Mentle Energy! 🏋...DQ in O.Pen Vape is going to the top of my FAV list. Cool,...”

  • “I don't believe a "10" exists, but this is pretty damn close. PERFECT for depression. Functional, uplifting with the right amount of goofyness thrown in. Really puts a positive spin on your day, helps the hunger and you will be able to sleep at night. Best of all worlds. Blue Dream, Sour D & Skywalker sometimes go this route, but this is a very reliable strain (when grown proper). One of my top 3 of all time.”

  • “I have been vomiting all night from food poisoning. Towards morning I remembered that I had purchased Dream Queen specifically to have on hand for nausea. It has done the trick! No vomiting... just smoke it when I *start* to feel queasy. A specific need, a specific med.”

  • “This is quickly becoming a great morning smoke; the high doesn't last as long as I would like but the benefits during are really nice. I find that a couple snaps of this and I am in an incredible mood. It kills my appetite which I actually enjoy in the mornings. Definitely makes me a space cadet if I smoke too much of it though. I find that I feel out of my own mind, just at peace within my own head (this just sound...”