Durban Berry Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “For a hybrid sativa you feel the effects of Durbon Poison. Such an uplifting, relaxing high, with a nice indica come down at the end. Great balance.”

  • “Picked up some bud to try. A friend and I shared a J and enjoyed the effects of this strain. Durban Berry gives a nice clear headed high with no racy feeling to it, I really like that. It did give me a happy feel, not giggly, just happy. It has a nice small bud that has beautiful orange hair through it. It has a nice pine smell.”

  • “Tastes earthy and spicy. I did not find hints of berry in the taste or aroma. The high is not very powerful at all, but it is relaxing and I found it good for anxiety. I prefer this strain for mornings because it takes the edge off aches, pains, and depression, but not strong enough to cause couch lock or sleep. This is a strain is also good for relief while still maintaining a focus.”

  • “What the description says. #spoton watching Star Wars 2 and then 3. Just can't stop smiling.”

  • “Very nice head buzz with some body effects. What stood out most is the taste--very fruity, but more of a lemony/grapefruit taste. Almost like a Tom Collins mix taste. It made my jaw and teeth feel very relaxed and warm. Very relaxing without making you super sleepy.”

  • “I love it! It makes me feel 100% relaxed, but to the point where it doesn’t make me sleepy BUT I could still sleep if I wanted to and like a baby. It’s also a good body high. I literally felt like I was floating. I recommend 10/10.”

  • “by far my favorite and I'm so excited to see it start arriving in fl shops. Its very similar to the Blueberry yum yum which is thought to be a cross between blueberry and Durban poison anyway. I like it cuz it chills me out but also wakes me up. For example its my favorite in the morning cuz ill hit it a few times while waking up and it helps me just get out of bed. I prefer that to coffee even. Its an extremel...”

  • “Tried this one in wax form in the rig. Great taste and a nice heady high. Unfortunately my tolerance is as such that I have to reapply every hour. I don't mind, because Durban Berry taste great and is a fun.”