Durban Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “from ga takes alot of time money end effort to find this kina herb but its one of the best”

  • “One of the best I've smoked out of the last 10 my 🔌 had. (Sky walker OG, tropical tang, blue cheese and many others.) really effective for muscle pains as well. 👌”

  • “It's fantastic!! Very rare to locate, if you can get it don't wait to purchase! Fantastic proof of how it works as well as pharmaceutical meds!”

  • “Actually smells like American Cheese. Good taste. Mildly rough hits. $25/g”

  • “It's been a while since I have actually smoked Durban Cheese, but I had good experiences with it. It wasn't the most potent (or at least the buds I had), but it definitely didn't feel like it was lacking either.”

  • “Never heard of Durban Cheese prior to today. I'm a hybrid fan and advocate and this hybrid strain is beautiful. The buds are compact while still soft to touch and upon cutting them up, they release into soft and subtly sticky grounds. The pull from my bong's bowl was even and enjoyable and the taste was true to the Leafly description - Lemon and blue cheese, with what I'll add as earthy undertones. The high is stimul...”

  • “Very good and relaxing high as described here as it would be. Very mellow and easy going. Head high was slight for me and more of a body high.”

  • “one of my favs.i got hungry and was extreamley happy! then i went mountain biking!”