Dutch Queen Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really good stuff. The bag I got said 27% total THC and while I question the accuracy there it was a very nice high. Relaxing without making you lethargic, I found it good for a night of playing video games or doing chores with some good music playing. This is probably my favorite strain currently available in Spokane.”

  • “Good Sativa high. Good for getting things done and being in public. Not too heady. Very clear-headed. Very dense green buds. Gives a lighter high and a general feeling if well-being.”

  • “I picked up a gram of Dutch Queen from a local place and the first thing I noticed was the 30.5% total cannabinoid content. It put me on my ass for 5 hours with a high that can only be described as intensely relaxing. Great strain!”

  • “very good taste, great up high:)”

  • “This stuff is really good. So far the best weed me and my lady have come across. Really good for a bowl. Easy to hit. And really hard hitting saliva. Makes us silly. Good times Buddy Boy Farms. Keep it up”

  • “Very good strain. Super relaxing, great for watching movies or just chilling outdoors.”

  • “Really great high, knocked me off my ass. Dry mouth is bad with this one, but totally worth it”

  • “awesome, lets go work in the garden, oh your back hurts? never mind your back after ten minutes you just feel so empowered that you just can't sit still.”