Dutch Thunder Fuck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nice head high. Great day time smoke. keeps you uplifted and clear headed. No couch lock. Some munchies though.”

  • “best strain out there. helps so much with storm troopers homie lmao”

  • “I've always been a fan of ATF, and in my experience I haven't met someone who hasn't been a fan of anything Dutch. First time trying this strain and for anyone who's dealing with anxiety disorders or anything the like, I highly recommend this strain. My weapon of choice was my 30 inch beaker (by roor), so with that being said, I was experiencing the effects a bit sooner than anything else. It usually takes me a few d...”

  • “The smell on this one is Amazing..if grown right it smells like yogurt covered raisins..the high is very cerebral and energetic..perfect for daytime and daily stoner approved 🙊👍”

  • “I'm currently working my way through an 8th of Dutch Thunder Fuck. So far, I like the nice mellow high. The scent of the buds is citrusy-pine. The smoke is smooth on the throat and lungs. I haven't used this strain for creative endeavors like painting or writing yet, but it is a nice companion for my morning Qi Gong practice. I'm feeling mostly a mellow, swirly head high, but can also become a Chatty Cathy with ...”

  • “The perfect high”

  • “One of my favorite strains, amazing fruity aroma and taste. Great head high, mellows after a while and had me laughing my ass off. Very visual for me too, nice euphoria and some tracers. This is the weed I've been searching for the last 20 years haha.”

  • “fuckingawesome”