Dutch Treat Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked this up by recommendation from a local recreational shop, was told it was their go-to when people ask for a 'good sativa', so I figured I'd give it a shot. Mental feeling- Definitely helped manage the rush, overwhelming-ness, and unpredictability of anxiety. Not energetic but not lazy, mostly just a nice, relaxing, calm sensation. I was more open to things (because I wasn't nervous), I allow...”

  • “Relieves pain, sustained uphoric feeling. Uplifting and relaxing!”

  • “Dutch Treat Haze… a very well rounded slightly sativa dominant strain. Picked this up from The Novel Tree in Bellevue, WA. Grown by Raven Grass in Olympia washington, Dutch Treat Haze was quite potent for me and definitely got me more stoned than NYC Diesel or Montana Silver Tip. Not a whole lot of body buzz, just more of a heady inebriated feeling. This would be a great party strain to substitute for alcohol. I coul...”

  • “Really sweet lemony tasting bud! Good after taste too..”

  • “Very good strain. Effects definitely lean to the sativa side and are very euphoric and hazy in the head, good social strain. Provides a slight energy boost but also sends a calm throughout the body. For me it helps with anxiety, social anxiety, and depression.”

  • “Flavor is amazing. Fruity but still can taste the haze. High is clear and happy. Can't help but smile :)”

  • “A good time, though its high is short.”

  • “I had tried Dutch Treat before, but I retained no memory of it—whether it was a forgettable strain, sub-par bud, or just so good I can't remember shit about it—I'll never know. So many strains smell like lemons and pine, and Dutch Treat Haze does too, yet without any chemical traces. I know calling a flower floral is redundant, so I will say it is herbal and smells splendid and sweet. It looks fantastic in the jar—ve...”