Dutchberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I definitely consider this top shelf bud when grown by Artizen. This is a great Sativa hybrid plenty of energy and focus mixed in with a little overall body relaxation and some pressure behind the eyes. The buds look absolutely amazing they're dense and frosty to the extreme also quite sticky and resinous. It smells sweet and citrus and when a put some in a grinder it is extremely pungent and skunky (like really good...”

  • “As a long standing, deep-rooted cannabis enthusiast I find myself looking for three things when purchasing bud: a Sativa-dominant Hybrid, a THC content of at least 20%, and a good recommendation. When my favourite budtender, Dave, at Greenside Recreational in Des Moines, WA recommended this hybrid that met all my requirements, I knew I had to try it. Spoiler Alert: I was not disappointed. Artizen Cannabis in Lacey,...”

  • “Best I have ever had hands down! Smells like berry too”

  • “My budtendas at Ocean Greens Recommended this and WOW. It smells berry fantastic, smokes easy. A little goes a long way. Having too much fun to be couchlocked.”

  • “Perfect for anyone who suffers anxiety or pain. Never tried Dj Blueberry, but Dutch Treat has always been one my favorites! Makes you SO high but at the same time clear headed and relaxed. Very relieving. Highly recommend!”

  • “Space-berries? These are them. Tasty as a J, and silly weed with bright colors. Not mutch of an appetite, but I could lick a few lids of mustard, or multi-decaduish tamari. Tingly-berry, I'd name this strain if I could. Very berry, silly, tweaky, bounc-ey even. I'd love to steal at 6" cutting, you know.”

  • “so far Dutchberry is the best bud I have smoked in 2016. the inhale is very tasty like candy. and the high is more than you can ask for; uplifting and satisfying with a mellow mental buzz that makes you relax.”

  • “This strain is unbelievable!!! One of the best smelling/flavorful I have ever had! If you wanna get goofy and talkative this strain is for you! Take a joint to the party with you and make a lot of new friends”