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  • “Peppery and spicy, this particular grow of this strain hits really hard like her father, White Widow -- a fast, uplifting high, almost trippy at times but still relaxing.. Cerebral and self-contained with psychedelic effects at higher dosages. Amazing for a party with a few friends, intense discussions, listening to music or watching films. Homegrown and cured for 2 weeks.”

  • “very easy to grow lots of differences between plants I did get 3 1/2 oz.s of very good smoke might not test out at 25 but very stoney good smelling and tasty canabis”

  • “By far the easiest strain I have grown short stout sick branching nice full buds all CFL and T5's”

  • “So far so good. Looks like white widow. I suspect that this strain is for newer, more stealthy gardeners. T-5's are all you need to finish this beginners dream. She is strong and can handle stalk bends with no problems. Just watch your watering and take it easy on the nutrients. Do not over crowd and keep a DAILY journal with photos. YOU WILL LEARN, as I did.”

  • “Great fast growing high yeilding (if you know what you're doing) and thc over 20%!! Yes it's a great night time smoke. If you 6ake 3 hits your baked but can function bit smoke a blunt to the head or a few bong tips and complete knockout punch. Whoever says it sucks.. You did not get good, well dried, and cured bud. You got beat on some fake bs. That's about it.”

  • “this one of the worst strains i ever had , been some for 20 years”

  • “bullshit strain. Did not get me high or taste good.”