Early Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a quality potent skunk strain from the Sensi Seed seedbank. A 65/35 % Indica/Sativa hybrid which delivers a smooth, pungently sweet taste and smell and equally smooth effects.”

  • “Photo at week 6 and already sugareeeee;) Early Skunk smells amazing and can have a short 6/7 week flower to milky trics;) Low nutrient, mite resistant, I hit everything with Organocide in veg, SM90 if mold appears if too humid. No spray post stretch. A little molasses in final days flush water makes Danky, Stanky, Pacific Northwest bud! Great indoor or polar latitudes with shorter grow season;) RowanTheWild”

  • “This is one of my favorite strains. The smell is very nice. Flowery kinda like roses. The taste is too. VEry Sweet and flowery, a litlle bit pungent. The high is a more indica than sativa one. VEry smooth and long lasting! Everyone should have tried Early Skunk once!!!”

  • “I have a bunch of home grown from a plant my relative grew out doors. I’m more of a sativa toker, but I really enjoy this strain because It doesn’t make me sleepy, and I swear, the person I got this from has the best weed. The first thing I noticed was the flowery diesel taste as my depression and anxiety melted away as well as give a great body buzz for pain and neuropathy. Very happy and giggly. Great for comedic r...”

  • “A couple more days, notice the 2X4s these colas are next too:) Lollipop pretty well, I just let the buds fall over a tomato cage wire and more around a bit at this stage.RtW”

  • “great bud flowery flavor”

  • “perfect for everybody who have a low Budget. high Yield and easy to grow outdoors in colder climate. dense tasty buds. indica High should be smoked in the evening”

  • “Fantastic combination of strains. I can really feel both efects of sativa and indica.”