Earthquake Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pretty dank new strain. Bright green bud, blue leaves, and orange hairs. Smells skunky sweet.”

  • “New hybrid strain. Pretty Dank. Bright green bud, blue leaves, orange hairs. Cures headaches and anxiety. Quick head high that leads to body high. Smelly skunky sweet.”

  • “Got a nice bit of this again and it's becoming more of a favorite each and every time we dip into it =) Loving this ad definitely recommend!”

  • MWT

    “Really good, smells great, and real good high.”

  • “Made me very happy, very minimal paranoia, also this was a very quick and semi long-lasting high, i recommend it to anyone looking for that, also, this made me very focused and feeling creative. It is a great strain, and i recommend it for newbie smokers.(:”

  • “I do not remember much of this strain, because of how quick it got me high, i recommend this if you're looking for a quick, semi-long lasting high.”

  • “Definitely a must try for veteran smokers. Me and my friends call these type of strains "creepers" where the high will keep building up. Superb earthy taste and smell, and am currently baked like a hot bun from 2 bong hits, and its still building up. It gives a very clear, focused and euphoric high, which is perfect for outdoor trips, enjoying nature or just basking in your own environment.”

  • “Really makes you talkative, really good flavor”