Earthshaker OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Absolute heavy duty Og, that after three hits, over an hour ago, still has me tingling, (and I'm not a real "touchy-feels" type), It brings tears of joy and beads of sweat to my brow, to be able to say to you, Earthshaker Og is 5 Star material, and then some! The Leafly description is right on. The effects are immediate and long lasting, for I have no desire to smoke anymore now, and it's been about two hours now, a...”

  • “I really enjoyed this strain. it was a little too heavy for my friends with a low tolerance but it works well for high functioning stoners!”

  • “Good buzz with a high that sneaks up on you then finally hits you like a train. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to chill out for an afternoon.”

  • “Migraine pain mild; nausea 7-8 when I medicated round 2300 or so. Takes bout 5-10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (must for me). Body high hit me like a ton of bricks. Then I passed out. Head high not surprisingly heavy which is what I wanted. Don't expect to get much done, aside from sleep, on dis one. Highly recommend for nighttime use for pain/nausea/insomnia!”

  • “yes it shakes the earth”