Easy Bud Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “my friendsm grew this strain, and we smoked it together, it had a nice strong lemonlike flavor, and gave a good enjoyable high”

  • “The plant grew its self out doors, in super soil, in wet conditions, also survived a slug attack. Strong genetics. So easy to grow. Peppery citrus and spicy Taste and smell Uplifting head buzz, that moves to the body slightly. Positive upbeat feeling, zero paranoia. Solid strain. Enjoyed every minute, growing and vaping this plant.”

  • “Nice grow from royalseeds 5/5 on the genetics gives off a lovely aroma without smelling up my whole garden! Auto flower only took 6 weeks from seed to harvest and harvested 31 grams of high grade bud was amazed over such a small amount of time. The smoke is nice not overpowering I rate the high 4/5 due to the odd taste. Overall very good grow for any first timers like myself :)”