Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Got a bit of this weed for my birthday, and i have to say i was really impressed with this strain. You feel happy, willing to do something, not smashed but really stoned. You can still work and is a really nice for idea's growing. High THC Level, strong and fruity taste. Actually one of the best weed i've ever tried. Strongly recommended.”

  • DVA

    “Prepare for a Heady day starting out with this one. Whether you have it in your coffee, a homemade lemon square, a joint, or all three a the same time, be ready to discuss politics, math, science, money, the cultural relationships of semi-conductors, and/ or just get through the day with a calm glow no matter what the subject may be. Perhaps moderation is the key with this one during the day as feelings of paranoia...”

  • “Great daytime smoke. Able to smoke and still focus and chill at the same time. Do not recommend to smoke before going to sleep.”

  • “Have you ever had a bowl of fruity pebbles's infront of the TV on a Saturday morning? Well I can't turn on the toons or poor the milk but I can direct you to ERSB. This would be the MOST over looked power-house Hybrid that has ever existed. Genetics that span the entire globe there is nothing to compare to this strain. The high can only be called "a perfectly played Symphony of psychoactive chemicals with complementi...”

  • “got kind of a minty/pine smell going on. not dank in the traditional way, but dank nonetheless in it's own unique way. very harsh on the throat. residual cough for ten minutes after bong loads. not as bad in a vape. for me the indica side of this flower hit me like a tidal wave. i realized i was on the phone because i heard the ringing, but couldn't figure out who i was calling or if someone was calling me and this h...”

  • “Best I ever smoked.”

  • “Tastes Like Pine Apple Punch! ...it actual tastes like pineapple...amazing.”

  • “I´m in love with this buds )))”