El Niño Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “El Nino is one of the higher grade strains that is more of a yellow color than that standard light green. Super smooth taste.”

  • “Shits dank”

  • “Deffiantly not a sleeper... One medium bong rip got me zoned out & feeling like I have to double think everything. Spaced out. I could totally see this being an end cap toke. Blahblahblahjibbajabbinwastingyourtime2ndhitfuckedmynight..”

  • “Has a really sweet and smooth taste thats all i can get from it, no real taste of anything, actually tasting it more it has a marsh mellow kinda taste if you take a huge hit and it has no real smell.”

  • “thats my name iloveit”

  • 108

    “This is the first and only strain out of many that I've tried that actually helps me fall asleep. It isn't the strongest when it comes to a "high," but if you have issues falling asleep and the more popular Grandaddy Purple or Lemon OG aren't doing it for you, then El Niño is definitely worth looking into. Not a favorite strain, but a useful one. Has an earthy smell with hints of mango. Taste-wise, it's a bit spicy....”

  • “This shit's amazing.”

  • “This shit passed me the fuck out made my head spin”