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El Niño Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “El Nino is one of the higher grade strains that is more of a yellow color than that standard light green. Super smooth taste.”

  • “Very dense buds, immediately after I take a puff I feel a lazy sort of sensation creeping around my eyes. Very relaxing strain! Its a hard body high with a clear headed cerebral effect. Would recommend for an evening toke!”

  • “Shits dank”

  • “Like this strain its worth trying”

  • “Very similar to any normal mango scent, but what really differentiates this strain is how potent and scratchy the smoke is compared to the sweet and easy to taste of regular mango kush. As an everyday smoker i was excited to taste such a difference when the smell of the bud was so sweet. The high was much longer and i slept like a baby even after the 3rd gram smoking it.”

  • “This shit's amazing.”

  • “Has a really sweet and smooth taste thats all i can get from it, no real taste of anything, actually tasting it more it has a marsh mellow kinda taste if you take a huge hit and it has no real smell.”

  • “Deffiantly not a sleeper... One medium bong rip got me zoned out & feeling like I have to double think everything. Spaced out. I could totally see this being an end cap toke. Blahblahblahjibbajabbinwastingyourtime2ndhitfuckedmynight..”