Elderberry Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “if I had kids, I'd be a father who smelled of elderberries”

  • “Elderberry is a great indica hybrid strain, this strain was slightly different than the usual meds that i use, but always willing to try any strain, elderberry seemed like a good fit. The buds are dark green in colour with a lovely orange hairs wrapped around, she has a very distinct berry and woodsy type of flavour. This strain was different just due to it being an indica hybrid it had me feeling very happy and talk...”

  • “Elderberry Kush is deserving of its name I think...? I don't know what an elderberry tastes like but this sweet and pungent strain hits your lips you'll feel relaxation and relief rush over you. The exhale has an earthy skunk flavor to it. It smells better than it tastes in my opinion but it's a good before bed smoke as it makes me very tired very quickly”

  • “Horrible taste. That's all I can remember.”

  • “This strain is weak and will probably avoid it in the future.”

  • “As someone who has suffered from insomnia for over 20 years (and tried every treatment possible during those years, none of which helped), this strain is the best I've found for helping me get to sleep!”

  • “heavy indica effect that is perfect for insomnia. high is smooth, relaxing, and long-lasting. however, it does cause me to wake up with munchies...but I think the sleep/relaxation benefits are worth it.”

  • “Elderberry Kush has a smooth sweetness on the inhale combined with a skunky and earthy Kush typical exhale. The relaxing effects are very quick to set in and can easily cause you to become sleepy. Great for cheering up and pain relief as well this strain makes a great choice for many patients.”