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Emperor Cookie Dough Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I lucked out and my friend from Cali brought me some and I have to say this strain is so damn good it isn't funny! You must try it, it's so potent, upon first exhale I feel great, I'm vaping out of a Volcano FYI. Upon the 2nd hit I felt even better, my sciatic disc in my tail bone pain went totally away. Anxiety is at a 0, Depression 0-1, Spasms 0-1, upon 3rd hit I felt totally great, I know I say everyone should try...”

  • “One of my favorites. Felt happy, relaxed and still got things done. I have complex PTSD and it really helps my mood.”

  • “Another personal favorite of mine. Smooth, cookie flavor. Great day-time smoke. Gives a relaxed feeling while keeping you energized. Does a great job at relieving my anxiety. I suffer from anxiety, PTSD, and depression. This strain gives me a great happy high while keeping me relaxed which allows me to get things done (which is good since I spend half my day trying to keep up with a 1 year old!)!”

  • “I think this strain is absolutly amazing. it helps you focus and be steady. it truly is great for anxiety. I suffer from ptsd, anxiety, and depression, and after three puffs of this beautiful flower all my problems are gone. not to mention my back pain is finally tolerable.”

  • “CPTSD symptoms minimal. Pain from broken neck low. Pain in low back/tailbone gone. Head clear. Body comfortable. A great high.”

  • “Awesom for PTSD and social anxiety! Not a big fan of the taste but the medical benefits of the strain are amazing! !”

  • “This is the first herb in so long that could make me giggly. It's superb aroma will put you into a serene and calming trance. This king among strains' is simply amazing.”

  • “Lets get the first thing out of the way. Why did you rate this 5 stars? The flavor and the smell baby! Thats step one. I dont hand out 5 stars lightly. Lets get started here. 1. Smell - It smells like butter ? I couldnt believe it but there was a faint aroma of dough and butter ... it held up to the name. 2. Taste - It tastes a little buttery or like nothing. When I was done with each hit I realized how buttery a...”