Eugene Cream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is incredible, the sample I was given was a real tasty treat. Excited to get it on the shelves of my dispensary today!”

  • “i love this. im an east coast grower thats visiting eugene. this was actually my first legal purchase lol (yay taxes wtf) i walked inot the herbal connection in eugene, and honestly i was highly unimpressed with alot of the flower. but this stood out by far. the bud tender didnt know the genetics, or any local info attached to this local variety (wtf?) im truly liking this. ridiculously frosty, the smell and taste a...”

  • “Very potent, wonderful smell. Really a one of a kind bud, smooth smoke, great flavor, and relaxing high. I love to smoke it out of a clean pipe for the complete experience.”

  • “This is a strain I keep coming back to, due to its high pinene content. Eugene Cream is very Unique, with fantastic, large buds stinking of a lot of pine, some earth, and a little cheese on the tail end. The high is very heady, and I look forward to this fantastic strain every night that I am in possession of it.”

  • “Smooth smoke with an exotic aroma and a creamsicle flavor. A must try!”

  • “This is an amazing strain! The guys at Drift Away Farms are killin it!”

  • M88

    “Very smooth, relaxing and social strain. Excellent for day-time use; a pleasant high but a little too mellow for my palate.”

  • “Eugene can be gloomy and rainy; you might need some cream for that. I find it to be calming for the body, and always seems to cheer me up and make me laugh more. A perfect fit for the name! Smooth smoke through and through”