Fire Alien Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “🔥👽 Fire Alien Kush is a perfect hybrid. Alien in it's perfection with an even 50/50 Sativa / Indica balance. It is so uplifting, it has become a personal essential. It can bring hope into the worst day of your life and will bring you a smile for the present moment. It is so relaxing and calming. The flavor is quite nice; overly earthy with an exotic wood scent that I can't quite pinpoint. Aromatic AF. This is a bea...”

  • “Great for anxiety and migraines. very unique flavor profile. Initial hit brought on a bit of mild euphoria followed by very nice buzz. Very creative feel and not too cloudy. Be careful tho heavy use can clear your schedule... Def one of My "go to" strains.”

  • “Love me some FAK. I get very creative on this great tasting hybrid.”

  • “My absolute favorite by the time I get back inside and sit on the couch I'm totally relaxed. It also helps with my RLS.”

  • “Definitely fire Definitely alien Definitely kush Picked this strain up at Rose City Oreganics and the bag appeal is very nice; dark and light greens in the foliage with a frosted appearance from the trichomes. The smell earthy, slightly piney. The high is superb; clear, able to focus, complete tasks, but if you sit down, expect to be there. I use it to treat migraines and PTSD. One of my top five favs.”

  • “Tested at 21.52 THCA. 104% D9THC. .00% CBD .005% CBN And 23.3% Cannabinoid content. On first appearance it's light green with orange to dark red hairs and was covered in alot of small trichs. the smell was very light . Much like the description it leaned more to the alien kush and gives a heavy cerebral feeling at first and goes to a relaxing indica effect after a short while. would certainly try again.”

  • “Love the earthy pundginess and the warm feeling after draw. Heavy high.”

  • “One of the best highs I've ever had. I felt enlightened and ready to conquer anything. People might be turned off by the chemical flavor, but I literally loved it. One of my favorites”