Fortune Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I just bought a 1/4 of this stuff just because it looked and smelled so good at the store. Normally I'll only buy a gram for a new strain just in case I don't like it. Man, I am the best kind of high right now, after three good hits of this stuff from my bubbler. I've got Panda Bear - Tomboy turning right now at volume number 47. I don't even care that it's Monday. I'm super chill right now. Got my slippers on. S...”

  • “This strain is a personal love of an artist my living comes from my inspirations and with this strain the inspiration comes fast and sells quick so grab it fast.... coughing "coughy" 3/10 chillum...a very energetic strain.”

  • “First thing I noticed about this strain is the sweet hints it gives off when you smell it, soft sweet honey like tones with a strong pungent smell. It tastes like no other, smoke is very smooth and strong, and hits hard. It has a long lasting high feeling euphoric and creative. Its a good strain for getting chores done, chilling out, and getting creative. If you can pick some up, do it, you won't regret it. 😆”

  • “vereh nise vereh gud vereh handsome had a top shelf gram on deal of the day for only $12 at florin wellness center in Sacramento, this strain is very dense, beautiful light green nugs with nise orange hairs. smells citrus-y, tastes kind of pine-y, very great strain for anxiety as it makes you feel great. very euphoric, not a couch locker, although I smoked a blunt of it to my face I was still very alert and even crea...”

  • “it's FIRE!!!!! you can't miss this .....Versace of dank.”

  • “Picked up a top shelf gram of this Rolled a joint Packed the steam roller And Packed a small bowl in my 10mm bong Great flavor Great high Lots of heady feelings Give it a hard 8 out of 10 Paid 25 a gram Would have been much happier with 20”

  • “love,love this strain, unique scent to the way the flavor changes twice in each "pull". and the awesome path to my whimsical world i go..... Though, its been hard to get from my local dispensary....”

  • “This strain has an earthy taste to it. It kept me focused and giggly. I felt like I zoned out a bit. Kinda made me not want to move at all though.”