Fruit Spirit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “By far Fruit Spirit is the strain for those who have horrendous mood swings. It balanced me and made me meditate and take a nap it kind of reset me, even though it felt like a nap and meditation was actually listening to washed out and spaced out. It changed the way I valued life it was incredible and I can't describe that I felt the same, just that there was more in life and it changed me I can't get enough of this ...”

  • “This strain has been a favorite of mine for years. Fruit spirit has a very floral sweet berry like smell. The vape is not as thick but not thin either it lingers around for a bit. I do not have PMS but dramatic mood swings, If you are looking in your dispensaries it is a hard strain to find. If you really want a vacation then fruit spirit will be your guide. Taste 10/10 Medical Dosage: Three Pinches. For me it's like...”

  • “Bought this at beepop (Leiden, NL) for €11,5/GR, but the menu said 75/25 indica/sativa. It's smell is , weird: it just smells like, weed, with a bit of a flowery undertone that's hard to define. The taste is a bit heavy with a very peppery flavour on the tongue, with a dense but quickLy rising smoke. At First I thought I was selled a dud. But when I lit it up for the 2nd half, it went off. I felt sleepy and thoughts ...”

  • “I tried this strain and feel in love!! Not feel like i can take on the world today pinkie!”

  • “tried to give 4 and a half stars. ..really a different flavor profile complex tastes of blueberry and hot spicy pepper cedar wood and herbs. ..quite delicious in my humble opinion. its sorry ladies pardon the pun it's a dick in the dirt stone so if your out and about you best tough it out lol I just took this down 2 weeks ago jarred up a week just wanted a taste test before I send to iron labs. ..get yours at CDXX Bo...”

  • “Super fruity taste, mild high with sedating effects. Music sounds great and you tend to think philosophically. Good stone.”

  • “Bud snap crackled and popped like rice crispy treats when burned, the high crept on slowly but was not strong at all”