Funfetti Reviews

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  • “Strain: Funfetti (Cherry Pie /Secret Cookies cross -- Heavy Indica leaning Hybrid) THC: 20.46% CBD: 0.07% Grower: Resin Ranchers Location found: Collective Awakenings Date purchased: 3.22.16 Price: $25 an ⅛th Weight: 3.5g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: Purple, like out of grape drink. Straight up purple smell with hints of Kush, GDP and fruity highlights. When I put the scissors to it, the ro...”

  • “My new favorite strain. Cherry Pie packs quiet the punch in this Secret Cookies/ Cherry Pie combination. The bud structure leans toward the cookie side, very dark in nature but the trichs message cover this darker colored bud. The smoke was inutially very fruity while still giving off a strong cookies exhale, reminding you of its notable lineage. Affects lean towards the indica side. Often stuck on the couch while fe...”

  • “Densely packed nuggets of purple and green leafs entrenched by orange canals of pistils with large trichomes. It looks like a zebra, if a zebra was green and purple and a flower. A very distinct strain that can be identified just by sight alone. It could be considered the black and white cookie of marijuana without the upset stomach. Pleasant mix of Pine and Earth mixed with dark cherry. It is not a strong smelling...”

  • “🔥 🔥 Fire!!! if you have the opportunity try it out. Smooth smoke and an exhale reminiscent of birthday cake 🎂 🎂. The thc content was 25.65 percent. For connoissuers only, amateurs wouldn't appreciate the complexity of the bud.”

  • “so. freakin. stoned 😥 do not smoke if you are a noob cuz this strain is next level. have no plans, and don't call your mom. unless she is baking cookies..then definitley call mom. enjoy.”

  • “Amazing relaxing and happy strain. I usually get some level of anxiety or paranoia from smoking, but overcome it because I like the other effects. This strain left me feeling amazing and I slept like a baby 30 minutes later...highly recommended!!!”

  • “Amazing breakfast strain! Tastes delicious. Love this phenotype”

  • “Hands down, one of the BEST buds I've ever smoked. No matter if its from a joint, a pipe, or a bong - the taste is always delicious, the high comes on quick, and the effects leave you relaxed, happy, and all around in a damn good mood. 10/10 will buy again!! Warning: I would NOT recommend this for first time smokers. Grade A weed like this might produce too intense of a high for those with low tolerance and therefore...”