G13 Widow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I'm giving this 5 stars because it is an A grade indica. It gets you to a mellow state very quickly but it also sends your mind buzzing. Goes perfectly with modest mouse”

  • “super dank bud. it looked super good. taste was 7/10 but the high was so amazing”

  • “G13 Widow is my second-in-line-go-to when I can't get my favorite, Girl Scout cookie. Great smoke or vape, I prefer to take one or two hits from a one hit stick throughout the day instead of burning a joint. Makes it last, keeps me moving without munchies, sluggishness or brain fog. Great before and after a hike and when I'm ready to sit down and focus, get stuff done.”

  • “This stuff is great! fluffy and gets the job done fantasticly. :-) Awesome stuff cop it while you can!!!! sooo fluffy”

  • “Its literally the "God" Bud. TRULY marvelous. A work of art.”

  • “Great strain! I love it. I have a huge tolerance as well & it got me high on the first small bowl in my bong.”

  • “really smooth hit, still hit me even though I'd been taking a lot of dabs previously. the nugs are covered in trichomes”

  • “really good smelling bud. big beautiful buds. super heavy high”