Ganesh Berry Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Zion's Ganesh Berry 50% Landrace Afghanica 50% Indica Zion's Ganesh Berry is a hybrid Afghanica x with TGA's Plushberry. One of Zion Botanicals own creations. This strain has origins from North Indian and Afghanistan mountain ranges. Ganesh Berry provides the muscle relaxing properties of a true Afghanica, with the berry flavor of Plushberry. Try a little of this during the day to feel focused and clear, or relax a...”

  • “All time list to keep in head stash. This is that space man rocket blast into orbit ganja that is a rare treat. I've tried Zion's Ganeshberry over 2 years of multiple harvests and can say for me the effects & flavor are consistent. Head space is expansive after only a few tokes. Relaxed body until smoking over a gram per sitting and it starts to get realllllly melty.”

  • “Great working strain, which surprised me. The buzz feels similar to a mellow green tea buzz. The high is phenomenal and the Plushberry is noticeable which I love. No paranoia or neuroses of any kind. Stimulates like a Sativa, but with everything you'd want from an Indica. Smell is pretty strong, flavor is absolutely amazing. I made sure to clean my vape thoroughly before tasting it, and it's truly remarkable. I j...”

  • “This is pretty stoney stuff. The buzz in my head was mellow and the body relaxation was excellent.”

  • “This is pretty much the absolute best strain I've ever had. it's super well balanced, extremely mellow high. I have yet to have any negative effects from it. it's the kind of high you can do anything on. whether you want to chill on the couch, or be creative, or work, there's literally nothing you can't do on this strain.”

  • “Great tasting of flower pick up at my favorite spot ARIZONA ORGANIX best price best staff and overall great feeling after a long day from work nice body high and heavy sleep feeling must go by today”

  • “very good strain! The best place to get it is at Arizona Organix!”

  • “Smelt incredible, good portion from Zion Bio. Good focused head high.”