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Ganesh Berry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Zion's Ganesh Berry 50% Landrace Afghanica 50% Indica Zion's Ganesh Berry is a hybrid Afghanica x with TGA's Plushberry. One of Zion Botanicals own creations. This strain has origins from North Indian and Afghanistan mountain ranges. Ganesh Berry provides the muscle relaxing properties of a true Afghanica, with the berry flavor of Plushberry. Try a little of this during the day to feel focused and clear, or relax a...”

  • “All time list to keep in head stash. This is that space man rocket blast into orbit ganja that is a rare treat. I've tried Zion's Ganeshberry over 2 years of multiple harvests and can say for me the effects & flavor are consistent. Head space is expansive after only a few tokes. Relaxed body until smoking over a gram per sitting and it starts to get realllllly melty.”

  • “Great working strain, which surprised me. The buzz feels similar to a mellow green tea buzz. The high is phenomenal and the Plushberry is noticeable which I love. No paranoia or neuroses of any kind. Stimulates like a Sativa, but with everything you'd want from an Indica. Smell is pretty strong, flavor is absolutely amazing. I made sure to clean my vape thoroughly before tasting it, and it's truly remarkable. I j...”

  • “This is pretty stoney stuff. The buzz in my head was mellow and the body relaxation was excellent.”

  • “Great tasting of flower pick up at my favorite spot ARIZONA ORGANIX best price best staff and overall great feeling after a long day from work nice body high and heavy sleep feeling must go by today”

  • “Awesome strain. Great flavor, sometimes it give me a cough but not a harsh cough. Along with a great smell it burns nice and even with an earthy and berry burn sent. Recommended”

  • “very good strain! The best place to get it is at Arizona Organix!”

  • “Smelt incredible, good portion from Zion Bio. Good focused head high.”