Gemstone Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Amazing strain in smell and appearance, actually had to save a nug for a display case it was so pretty. I was told it was bred in the Northern California area. The strain however was overwhelmingly sedative for me and my girlfriend, we found it more effective than most pure indicas for insomnia relief. Haven't seen it down here in LA much, but when I did it was my go-to sleeping strain. Gotta rate it highly for t...”

  • “Get a bag of loose green tea, a burnt sugar cube, and a couple of tablespoons of watered down punch, then mix/mush them all together...this is what Gemstone smells like to me! I have had a mild brain injury/post-concussion for about 10 years, this strain really agrees with my head. It doesn't make me sleepy, just calm and cerebral - a really well balanced strain and high. A shout out to the Bloom Room in SF for carr...”

  • “[Northern Lights X Skunk #1 X Lavender X Diesel] This delicate combination of strong strains blends as much in the effect as the look of the bud. Each bud is simultaneously purple and light green with diesel tendrils and beds of orange hair. The effect begins immediately in the body and spikes the appetite while having very little lethargic side-effect. As the initial body high subsides there is a definite euphoric...”

  • “Best strain in the world!!!”

  • “Gemstone is hands down one of the best strains I have ever smoked. It has a strong body and head high that is mixed with uplifting, happy, and euphoric feelings. I find that this strain is great for daytime smoking, even more so in the warm weather. Best I have ever smoked.”

  • “Very good and relaxing.”

  • “Gemstone is a hard strain to find and allows for the most amazing effect. With equal hybridization is constitutes as novel as Blue Dream and depletes anxieties and stresses, a wonderfully social strain.”

  • “pure concentration on anything you do”