Georgia Pine Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “GP provided an incredible flavor profile. Was very sativa dominant during the first hour and settle in to a nice indica body fade. Great for social events or chillin with friends. Novices be weary, quick and heavy head trip. Not for the newb.”

  • “Mmmm, this tastes so good. I used Juicy J's Watermelon papers and it's just such a nice smoothe smoke and high. I picked up a gram and I wish I would have gotten more. it's beautiful. nice frosty green buds with orange/amber hairs. The first scent is a pine type smell but there is also a watermelon fruity aroma as well. Definitely a beautiful bud and will be on the hunt for more! 😍”

  • “Phoenix Arizona 9:40am good strain mellow high good body high slight head high try this strain if u can 🔝🔥🌲💯✌”

  • “Dispensary: Desert Rose This strain definitely has a pine-tastic aroma, accompanied by fairly fast acting heady effects along with a nice relaxing body high to ease away pain. In my opinion it smokes like a Blue Dream variant and should become a fairly popular strain for individuals wanting relief while maintaining functionality.”

  • “just picked this up from desert rose, beautiful and frosted with a fresh floral scent. good cerebral buzz while not overpowering. nice body relaxation too without being too sedative.”