Ghost Bubba Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Jesus Ghost Bubba is very damn potent, Ghost OG x Bubba Kush it's very very good and definitely climbing up to the top! Veterans and noobies will love this, it makes you melt in a very good way! I'd highly highly recommend this one! Great for Pain, Anxiety, Spams & even insomnia. This strain is a MUST try, I promise to god you'll love it. I vaped two bowls and can't even see straight as I'm typing. This is a very inc...”

  • “The best strain I have ever smoked. It gets you absolutely wrecked without feeling sleepy and still being able to think relatively straight. Do not pass this strain up if you have the chance. 11/10”

  • “Very good. If you like standard Bubba Kush you will love this!”

  • “ghost bubba! my favorite indica. never have I slept so good in my life. nice relaxing, calming stone. with definite couch lock, followed by the best sleep you can get. love this strain. nice kush taste, with a earthy tone. sticky, dense and dank. highly recommend”

  • “It is true to its description. I'm alert and creative yet relaxed. .head lucid and body pain decreased. Easy on my lungs.”

  • “It's pretty good”

  • “This is one of my favorite strains its a classic strong indica. It will put you in the couch but it doesnt over do it. Ypu will be comfortable the whole the perfect strain for a relaxed day or right before. When grown right this strain separates the men from the boys.”

  • “its a pretty good one”