Ghost OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The Ghost OG Marijuana strain is an Afghani hybrid strain. It has good balance between the traits of Indica and Sativa. The Ghost OG strain has won many awards and is know for being potent, but not so much that it will wreck your day. Also known for its solid body high and good euphoric effects. The Ghost OG strain smells fruity, and is great for treating pain, helping people sleep, and anxiety.”

  • “This strain is very reminiscent in the looks of OG Kush, perhaps more tight buds. Smells a little more earthy and is a lighter smoke than OG Kush. I suffer from bipolar depression and anxiety and can say it certainly calms me down. I do not suffer from any chronic pain but I can tell that the relaxing body effects would probably be very helpful with pain. Great relaxing strain!”

  • “Boy oh boy, Ghost OG is a very potent OG! Actually thought I was a damn Ghost for a minute lol! Definitely indica dominant, helps a lot with Pain, Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia! Definitely give this one a shot if you come across it!”

  • “Bought a half 1/8 first but then I had to go back for a 1/4. It has that strong kush taste that everyone loves and the instant high that will let you know that you're smokin' on some bomb! 3 bowls of Ghost OG was enough to get me goin; I began to experience the strain journey. I felt relaxed, in a good mood, and overall happy. Its the kind of high that I like for wake n'bake. I would buy this strain again, definitely...”

  • “This one surprised me because it's not much in the looks or smell department. The bud tender told me the looks were decieving though and the Ghost delivers! In general its kind of trancey and stoney in a satisfying way. Sound is enhanced so music is really affective, it cuts through any distractions, like I was really jumpy when I listeend to jumpy music and when i listened to weird slightly eerie music, I was taken...”

  • “Ghost OG is an amazing strain! Perfect blend between indica/sativa. More indica though which I like. Going in my top 10 if not my top 3!”

  • “It's a very user-friendly strain. The calming and relieving effects are felt throughout the body and the head, but they are not too strong. Nice smell, clean taste, and not harsh on the lungs.”

  • LRS

    “Have yet to smoke this stuff, but I've been vaping it the past week and all I can say is WOW. This strain has every good quality I look for in cannabis: It dosen't put you to sleep, it gives you both a head high and a body high, gives me great creativity, amazingly relaxing, and you can still focus and go about day to day tasks. Cool name too.”