Ginger Ale Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The feeling of heaviness hit my thighs and I was ready for the couch lol. I definitely found my anti anxiety and pain medication. My back pain is non existent!”

  • “I had this a while ago in concentration form and mixed into a vape pen. it tasted great but it wasn't the Medicine to relieve me of symptoms I have. I got a head chance and all but no real relief. maybe it was just me but unless I get this for an extremely cheap price, I wouldn't be getting this again.”

  • “Picked this strain up in West Valley AZ overall a very good strain. Defintelty reminded me of sitting down and enjoying a great ginger ale soda. Very good hybrid of legendary Cindy buds were nice and tightly glittered out compact smell of sweet ginger white wine smell.Taste of diesel ginger with sweet white wine under tones.High felt 70/30 feel to her very focused high great for migraines.Today End's Deception”

  • “I love this strain. Made me relax more than any strain I tried before.”

  • “I am sorry, I have to be honest about this strain. Maybe I got a few bad batches but it was crap. It had no recognizeable or distinct smell which is usually a no-go to begin with but I got it for a good price ( I wonder why). I felt 100% fine before I smoked a bowl of it and right after I finished, I got a splitting headache. I received a headbuzz that was not comfortable nor enjoyable. I have had better ditch weed, ...”