Glad Max Reviews

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  • “I am a super fan of Mother's Helper. I kinda went long on the strain and switched to Moby Dick which is good but it's not Mother's Helper. Anyway, I didn't think there could be another strain that could trump Mother's helper. Glad Max is that strain. Glad Max is almost a back-cross since Chocolope is crossed with Northern Light's #5 to make MH and Glad Max is Mother's Helper crossed with Chocolope again! I am ...”

  • “Glad Max is one of my favorite hybrids. The sativa dominance gives you that uplifted, euphoric and creative state of mind with the indica balancing out the high Witt focus and longevity. I enjoyed an emotional weightlessness and very happy energetic high that lasted longer than some of my favorite sativa. Pretty on the outside with a deeper green and large dark orange to brown hairs this strain is pretty on the insi...”

  • “Wow. Neat buzz, not too overpowering on the mind buzz, body is a little chillaxed.”

  • hi2

    “Really like this strain. Smoke enough of it and you'll feel like your on another planet and yet you can function perfectly well. You have to hand it to breeders. They come up with amazing strains and this is one of them. I've never had anything quite like it as it has a sharp focus.....and you're super, super high. Fun to walk around, as you have that light, floaty feeling. Energizing as well. I tried it after w...”

  • “this is the best cannibis I've ever had”

  • “When I tried this, I had previously tried the Jack Herrer, which is light and bubbly. I found Glad Max to be as amazing as Jack Herrer. It just made me feel better...mentally, physically, emotionally...Everything felt better. I had no "heady" high, I was in a better mood, and happier than I had been in weeks. I recommend this strain if you want the relaxation, euphoria, and calm without the "heady" effects...There wa...”

  • “Excellent hybrid with very long carry over 4 plus hours. Amalia at Monarch was excellent to work with and very informative!”

  • “Glad Max is the smoothest no cough strain I have ever vaporized ! It has also given me the best clear headed energetic high that I can even sleep on if I want! "Thanks Monarch Wellness Center" Moleque”