Glass Slipper Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Baked. haha I was baked off a personal bowl. Smoked out of a straight tube bong. Took 3 hits to clear the bowl, and all I have to say is Glass Slipper got me baked. Very clean hitting all the way through to the end. The medicine was felt with in a minute of my first hit. Very much like how fast it set in. Very good full body stoney sensation. Very alert feeling. Happy and content feeling. Excellent FIVE STAR str...”

  • “I have smoked many, many strains. It's crazy how different strains can cause our body's to react in different ways. For me this is the best strain I have tried, which fits all my needs. I have always been a Sativa guy. Love my daytime hi. My lady, whom runs a very large, successful business would never smoke with me, because it either knocked her out or made her paranoid. She is in her 50's. however the first time I ...”

  • “This strain is a hybrid but it is sativa dominant. I love this strain. This is my favorite sativa. Music is amazing, foods taste incredible, smells evoke feelings. It heightens all of your senses. Makes you feel like you don't have a care in the world. All you want to do is dance and giggle. What a fantastic escape from pain and stress and anxiety. Try it, you will love it!”

  • “Slow, uplifting high. Dense buds, which are surprisingly airy when ground. Dark pumpkiny-orange hairs, and a glassy slipper of trichomes around the buds. This Bud is Magic.”

  • “Clean delicious flavor, nothing citrus or skunky a clean smooth smoke, with a relaxing yet uplifting high. Great for just relaxing with friends and family. Swiss Medical, in Boulder has some of the most dense hairy and crystaly covered nugs Ive ever seen glass slipper come in.”

  • “The was some kick ass bud. I loved it loved it loved it! I bought some of this after me and my ex broke up. Smoked it and forgot all about him. Smoke some glass slipper”

  • “so big am a total noob to medical cannabis have had edibles and flower as well this is my first rso it was a toss up between glass slipper a harlesin and a high 14:1 cbd rso I obviously went with glass slipper few strains I have tried and enjoyed but some brought on anxiety. I bought rso because I am dealing with some withdrawals from opiate pain killers and heard rso helps greatly!!!!!! and it does within minutes I ...”

  • “Reminds me of the Canadian smoke I used to get back home. great head high, you will be in a daze for a couple hours. High didn't last as long as I would prefer, but a very pleasant smoke overall. I found this strain great for daytime use, it didn't couchlock me and was great for socializing thoughout the day. I got a couple headaches smoking through an oz. but that's because I oversmoked. Don't underestimate Cind...”