G.O.A.T. Reviews

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  • “Definitely a quality strain idk about greatest of all time but great none the less. The effects can sneak up on and hit you in the face like an angry ex with a grudge and maybe a frying pan full of gravel. Enjoyed some before bed then a few hours later woke up to get the paper and locked myself out for half hour before realizing the door wasn't locked. Boy was my son embarrassed/confused when the bus passed by with m...”

  • “This is the second time I've grabbed G.O.A.T from my caregiver. I always have between 8 and 15 different strains to choose from when I stop by his house. I'm a big fan of Girl Scout and his Skywalker Kush is off the chain!!! I find this is a creeper high, starts off very mellow then within 10-15 minutes it all of a sudden hits me and I'm all of a sudden "couch locked". I have a seziure disorder and have totally p...”

  • “did 2 hits 10min ago. Effects felt immediately, my mind is running but my body feels weightless. Not sure how it's off the charts in the "energetic" area- the way I feel now I'm not physically going anywhere for a few. Def Euphoric!This is one of the better that I've had.”

  • “Robotic feeling. Husband's an asshole on this, it's almost as if emotions are muted.”

  • “Terp City”