God's Green Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “this strain is very potent. and is good for stress, anxiety, depression, relaxation, pain and sleep. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! but it is amazing. whole body feels relaxed when laying or sitting down on your own, very giggly and trippy when with friends. it even had me hallucinating! was walking home, couldn't figure out why it seemed like I wasn't getting any closer to the top of the hill, then found out I was ...”

  • “As a pothead smokes, God's Green Crack deliberately produces a powerful energy buzz. A man could simply Jerk it for hours on end, until the heavy indica effects of God's Gift make him pass out with his cock hanging flat out on his stomach... Not that this was my experience.”

  • “GGC has an incredibly earthy, woodsy aroma to it as well as being very, very furry. This strain makes me feel very hype and positive, but puts me right to sleep when it's done with me. However, the sleepiness is worth the experience. I laugh often, am more confident and see the world brightly.”

  • “Euphoric. It almost opens your eyes, as if they have been closed this whole time. A very nice Sativa leaning hybrid that is not to heavy but what i found to be very long lasting. I was happy doing whatever on this strain. Good all day, but i would take out something heavier for the evening.”

  • “The Danforth Compassion Clinic - Barc's Buds - loves this strain. A strong Indica dominant, strong flavour and a wonderful colour. The buds are green crack sized not the gian god bud but the god bud is the dominant in the mix. Excellent for rest, relaxation, sleep, tremors, seizures as well as Chemo and any ailment needing rest.”

  • “My favorite weed of every strain I've tried. Vape some of this and the next hour or so will be like one constant full body and mind orgasm. This strain is great to combine with a massage. It relaxed my entire body and my sense of touch and movement was just one nonstop orgasm, that's about as good ad I can describe it. It takes about 10 minutes to kick in and even once the main high goes away after an hour or so ...”

  • “Definently a favourite for me. I had smoked tons of green crack back in the day before shatter and whatnot and happen to see this Green crack God/god's green crack different names for different places but anyway I hadn't had access to green crack in probably 6 years. So I seen this in shatter & had to scoop up a few grams from phyto and not sure the other vendor but they were my FAVORITE, had 2 g's of this and a g of...”

  • “God's. Green. Crack. ...Wow! The best strain I've had in a long, long time. Not at all surprised, as Green Crack is possibly my favourite strain of all time. Crossing it with God Bud has brought down the extreme sativa profile - balancing the sometimes overbearing high with a deep, relaxing indica stone. God's Green excels in all parameters. It's dense, crystally, colourful, flavourful, potent, fast acting, long last...”