Goji OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pro: Smooth to smoke but adds a little punch taste when you are done. Very smokey, earthy and licorice taste. First, the clarity. I lost my lighter for 2 hours ... did the same steps 20 times, couldn't find it. Smoked this stuff and within 15 seconds, did another look at how I was doing the steps and found the lighter, no lie - "Like of course it would be there". Let the feeding time begin - you'll be wanti...”

  • “🍡🌲 Goji O.G. is a very unique hybrid. Looks pretty good... smells alright...very earthy... smokes FANTASTIC! Unexpectedly good hit from this strain. A very nice change up from the usual O.G. feel. The high was immediate and strong. Pain relief and sedation all the way. It made my eyes heavy and left me feeling very stoned! I'd say it feels a lot more like an indica. Highly recommend for lovers of O.G.'s and those l...”

  • “Oh man, what a fantastic strain. I just recently got into paying attention to what strains I was smoking and this is the first one I've come across to start my list of my favorites. The berry flavor is definitely there, like a sweet blueberry/cranberry. Very nice surprise every hit. I had some Dragon's Blood incense on and it complimented it very well, highly recommend!”

  • “First off, this is probably the most THC potent strain I've ever had sitting at 28%. Very sweet taste on the inhale with a sweet berry flavor on the exhale. The bud itself is very beautiful, light green and covered in fully developed trichomes. I definitely recommend this to flower connoisseurs.”

  • “Got 2 grams of this strain in very high quality concentrate form, and it was budder nonetheless (arguably the best smelling/tasting consistency of extract). I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the smell and flavor of this Goji OG. It smells and tastes like a very sweet, almost perfumey berry smell. It is an amazing flavor and I am very fortunate to have it in concentrate form! The high is pretty incredible as well. Very...”

  • “My TOP SATIVA TO DATE. I sometimes combine it with Blue Cheese bc of my insomnia or Green Love Potion ... FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE! Great before sex too ... I'M SERIOUS!!!”

  • “Wow I'm a very spoiled man, and this baby treated me right! As the name implies, it tastes JUST like Goji berries, friggin delicious! Add giggles, happiness, and overall euphoria. I'm not too big on sativa's, because they give me anxiety, but this strain is on point. Seriously, just smoke some.”

  • “This one wiped out my wife's migraine within a few minutes. All body pain went away with it and a nice sense of calm/relaxation fell over us. The flower looks fantastic, bright green, compact little gems that have a silvery/amber shine to them. There is a berry smell to it that is hard to detect exactly what berry, perhaps combo of berries it is. The flavor matches, a combo of berries yet more subtle. This one should...”