Golden Panda Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is one of my favorites, we did a sweet review while smoking this strain. it was definetly a deep crystal heavy hitter that had us lifted as a team, the creative ideas where flowing and we had pretty good energy. I think we hit up 3-4 locations for the sohot that night. Check out the review at -Jay”

  • “good aroma, strong body effects and good taste. all around good strain. although my strain says its indica dominate not sativa.”

  • “THIS IS NOT THE STRAIN FROM BLOOM PHOENIX. If your looking for the indica dominant STRAIN you have to visit BLOOM”

  • “this strain was wonderful. i love that it made my body relaxed. i slept well. it was a purely a body high. it was nice!”

  • “Golden Panda is an excellent strain that offers me a creative social high followed by some of the most epic munchies iv ever experienced. With smooth buttery undertones hints of pine and bright green sugar covered buds this is definitively a unique strain that offers allot of stress relief. - DJ”

  • “I'm reviewing the stuff I got from bloom Phoenix indica. Its great it really reduces anxiety significantly helps with pain a nice amount, I use it throughout the day without any problems with munchies. Be careful it's strong however, might be sitting down initially after the the beginning then something kicks in after 30 mins or so and you want to do things. All while having a nice happy pleasant time. Migraine relie...”

  • “Smells and tastes delicious but not heavy, it reminded me of a lemon tree leaf. Very tingly and happy afterglow lasts a couple of hours.”

  • “The strength is feeling like the hulk just laied hands on you smells great and tastes great I highly recommend this for a kicked back high”