Golden Pineapple Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “5/5. Just got settled in with an 1/8th of this golden gift grown by Phat Panda. Ok so right off the back opening the sealed glass jar (super nice btw) I'm smacked in the face with a full blast of citrus and tropical aroma so potent you'll have a lil aura of tropical dank within a few seconds, definitely smells better than any pineapple I've ever had before hands down. The buds were nice, not to fluffy, fiery light gr...”

  • “Sweet Jesus -- one-hit wonder weed! When you absolutely, positively must be ripped outta your tiny mind, you'll want some of this standing by. Sea-level to cruising altitude in about 5 minutes -- and it's a long flight after that. I don't know how many times I asked myself "Whoa, am I still TOTALLY FUCKING HIGH?" then wondered who the hell was talking to me. Damn, I hit this shit like two hours ago and the buzz i...”

  • “Whether cheeseburgering in the bathroom or looking at snail sized doorknobs, Golden Pineapple is sure to chip your dip. This weed will bring you to a mental jacuzzi in which you will feel warm all over and as if you were baking in the sun. This weed is California as hell as in trill plus hot. Ask yourself a question, then answer it. Then forget the question and the answer. Now you are more wise.”

  • “First and foremost, hot damn! This bud packs a whollop in every category you can think of, from its scintillating aroma and taste, to its appearance and effects , it's hard to go wrong with golden pineapple but that's a bit brief, let me elaborate , it is impossible to miss its distinctive Aroma, it will fill any space you give it, from a jar to a room, it has strong notes of pine and citrus, with a slight floral u...”

  • “The budtender at my local dispensary recommended this strain, and it was a winner. She said it provided a "very happy" high, and I couldn't agree more. This strain is the Prozac of the cannabis world! The high was very upbeat and positive (dare I say euphoric?) and gave me that "all is good in the world" feeling. It also made me very outgoing, making it an excellent social lubricant. The high was so well balanced: u...”

  • “Great strain to get house work done or in my case write and record music. 'The heavens will open" Tastes great and has a nice steady high. "My opinion" Take two puffs, back way , come back in 15 min and take another two puffs and so on.... It'll give you a nice steady high without being over board. Very fruity and no hunger issues. great strain to stay skinny... Cheers, Save Vinyl”

  • “In the immortal words of Larry David, this strain is "Pretty...pret-tay...pret-tray...pretty good!". I an in love with this incredible sativa leaning hybrid. The terpenes are top shelf. Plenty of strains claim to smell like this or that, but Golden Pineapple really does smell like pineapple candy. The smell transfers to the taste for the first few hits. The unique high is like having a warm blanket around your mind...”

  • “This strain helped me see the beauty in life. This strain stopped me from killing myself.”