Gorilla Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Gorilla Cookies IS THE BOMB MY FRIENDS! As soon as you see this, especially by Elev8 get it asap, you will be so damn happy it won't even be funny. I've had it about 3 times so far always over 87% THC alone. This stuff smells and tastes so good it stomps on Girl Scout Cookies in my opinion, but that's my opinion. I found it best for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain & Spasms. This is a A++++++ concentrate strain. E...”

  • “I was going to get some Northern Lights which is one of my favorite strains and it looks fluffier and like your getting more for your money. However my guy put the Gorilla Cookies in my hand and said screw the N.L. this time and try this. He said I won't regret it, and booooy was he right. The bugs are dense so the eighth I got looked a little short but it looked pretty. It weighed out fine, and I put it in my pipe. ...”

  • “Gorilla Cookies is one of the top 5 strains I've come across, it's loud AF and knocks you down for a long time. Besides paying more ($35 1/8) you will get your money's worth in THC.”

  • “I bought this for my bipolar depression and it is amazing! It's really euphoric and I don't experience any anxiety at all; it's uplifting, no drowsiness, and makes me feel very happy; I do not get the munchies with this strain, which is usually rare for me; I feel energized and motivated to get stuff done. I really love this strain and recommend it to patients suffering from bipolar disorder or depression!”

  • “this strain attracted me because i loved gorilla glue. the smell was potent and sharp. I had high hopes for this strain when i first saw the name but i didnt think it would be the dankest bud i had ever smoked....but it was and consequently i will be buying as much as i can afford next time.”

  • “GOAT🐐 strain for thinking out-loud with THE longest euphoria and zoning out you'll ever experience.... prepare to daydream your life out with this strain because those thoughts wont ever stop processing lol. Goodluck with this one guys”

  • “This shit mightve killed me 2x jk. But in all seriousness this strain was absolutely amazing. Sticky as hell, smelled delicious, tasted like thin mint inhaling then the gg smell when exhaling. It was 33% thc so this stuff hypnotized me!!!! 10/10”

  • “HANDS DOWN THE DOPEST DOPE EYE EVER SMOKED, taste 10 smoothness 10 profile 10 bud density 10 smell 10 potency 10,go to sleep, Peace”