Grape Crush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Almost 5 stars! Heavy and cerebral at the same time. Brilliant pain relief, and music's every nuance was delectable and thrilling. Supper was amazing. This stuff is pungent, so beware. Ona, air filter, and incense could not tame it's skunky wonderfulness, and the vapor still reeked all the way downstairs.”

  • “This kind is more than powerfull, ive been smoking for 5 years and I still cant beleive the effect that appeir in my head ! this kind is awesome but its pretty easy to badtrip for begginer so watch out lol”

  • “This is a strain I recently acquired and it definitely hit me with the indica part of it. Although it's mostly a head high, you can feel the relaxing effects of sativa streaming through your body as well. Only negatives I can give this strain would be the dry mouth and eyes but what strain doesn't necessarily give you any of that. Even after the first hit it has a very tea like smell and taste to it. I enjoyed this s...”

  • “When I bought this strain, I didn't have much faith in it. But once I smoked my first bowl of it, they high hit me at the strangest moment. The only time I reccomend smoking Grape Crush is after a long day of work. You will deserve it.”

  • “Looks: Nice leafy nuggets with lots of short little hairs, very green and perhaps it was cropped to soon. Smell: Rich earthy soil mixed with laundry detergent. Very floral scented witha touch of balck licorice and grape Fanta. Taste: pretty easy inhale with a semi harsh exhale. Light taste of a boquet of fresh cut sping flowers. Overall: Instant body high with a creeper to the head. I felt tingly and focuse...”

  • “I love grape crush. When its completely cured it smells like a grape now&later candy. Its siper easy to trim and sell. In fact, once you get someone to try/buy it that's all they want! I had an incredible Lavender Queen seed and it turned out PHENOMINAL mix half grape crush in a joint and WOW what a goofy happy high. Staight stupid stoned. Like the first time you ever smoked. If its hard for you to get high grape cru...”