Grape Jelly Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of the prettiest flowers I've ever been able to pop open and squeeze all its fresh goodness out through smell, look, color, and that TASTE!!! My lord its like heaven. Wonderful feeling smoking it as well as in the concentrated form. Too good to ever pass up!”

  • “Very strong!!! It gives you a energetic cloud 9 high.”

  • “Frosty purple nuggets with beautiful shades of light green and purple with light orange hairs and an amazing sweet, fresh smell and taste that actually closely resembles a certain kind of grape. The smell is unique. This is a VERY relaxing strain. Definitely a good one for after a long day of work. It will instantly brighten your mood and help put aside stress and/or worries. Hands down one of my favorite strains out...”

  • “Paid a bit more but when i tried it I understood why. The taste was absolutely amazing and was consistent through 3/4 of the bowl.To me it smells like some really good smelling shampoo lol. Super potent in a good way but if you're new and come across this strain then I'd take it easy at first. Probably the strongest/best strain I've came across in the last few months. If you get the opportunity to try this gem then d...”

  • “Going through the Infinity #GrapeJelly”

  • “Great!!!! Outstanding for daytime use. Energetic, nice easy head high, and great body buzz. Loved it while i was on vacation in San Diego.”

  • “Lost for words very different 🍇 grape taste to I love it”

  • “Really loved this strain. Nice energetic functional high. Smells amazing and tastes perfect.”